• ImU: Physical Impersonating Attack for Face Recognition System with Natural Style Changes
    Shengwei An, Yuan Yao, Qiuling Xu, Shiqing Ma, Guanhong Tao, Siyuan Cheng, Kaiyuan Zhang, Yingqi Liu, Guangyu Shen, Ian Kelk, Xiangyu Zhang
    IEEE Symposium on Security and Privacy 2023 (Oakland 2023)
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  • Detecting Backdoors in Pre-trained Encoders
    Shiwei Feng, Guanhong Tao, Siyuan Cheng, Guangyu Shen, Xiangzhe Xu, Yingqi Liu, Kaiyuan Zhang, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang
    IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition 2023 (CVPR 2023)
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  • BEAGLE: Forensics of Deep Learning Backdoor Attack for Better Defense
    Siyuan Cheng, Guanhong Tao, Yingqi Liu, Shengwei An, Xiangzhe Xu, Shiwei Feng, Guangyu Shen, Kaiyuan Zhang, Qiuling Xu, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang
    Network and Distributed System Security Symposium 2023 (NDSS 2023)
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  • FLIP: A Provable Defense Framework for Backdoor Mitigation in Federated Learning
    Kaiyuan Zhang, Guanhong Tao, Qiuling Xu, Siyuan Cheng, Shengwei An, Yingqi Liu, Shiwei Feng, Guangyu Shen, Pin-Yu Chen, Shiqing Ma, Xiangyu Zhang
    International Conference on Learning Representations 2023 (ICLR 2023)
    ECCV 2022 Workshop on Adversarial Robustness in the Real World (AROW 2022),Best Paper Award 🏆
    Press: Purdue News
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  • DRGraph: An Efficient Graph Layout Algorithm for Large-scale Graphs by Dimensionality Reduction
    Minfeng Zhu, Wei Chen, Yuanzhe Hu, Yuxuan Hou, Liangjun Liu, Kaiyuan Zhang
    IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 2021 (TVCG 2021)
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  • Enhancing statistical charts: toward better data visualization and analysis
    Xiaonan Luo, Yuan Yuan, Kaiyuan Zhang, Jiazhi Xia, Zhiguang Zhou, Liang Chang, Tianlong Gu
    Journal of Visualization 2019 (JOV 2019)
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